The generic export module can now export instructor-lead training data from the BlendedX into CSV files - so that they can be integrated into external systems.

Available columns

Name Description
activityName Name of the activity.
activityID Id of the activity.
activityDuration Duration of the activity.
activityPoints Points of the activity.
candidateId The database ID used to identify the learner.
candidateName The learner’s name (family name/surname).
candidateFirstname The learner’s first name.
candidateLogin The learner’s login.
candidateEmail The learner’s e-mail address.
candidateRefNumber The learner’s reference number.
candidateEntity The name used in the database to reference the learner’s entity.
candidateGuid The learner’s GUID.
candidateCustomFieldGuid GUID for one of the learner’s possible custom fields.
catalogVisibility “Y” if the training course associated with the current context is visible in the public catalogue, “N” otherwise.
eventID The ID of the event.
eventStartDate The start date of the event.
eventEndDate The end date of the event.
eventStartTime The start time of the event.
eventEndTime The end time of the event.
eventTimeZone The timezone of the event.
eventAllDay Every days for this event.
eventFacilitator The facilitator of the event.
eventLocation The location of the event.
eventLocationID The ID of the location of the event.
eventRoom The room of the event.
eventRoomGuid The guid of the room of the event.
eventVirtualMeetingURL Link to the virtual meeting of the event.
registrationDate The date of the registration.
registrationGuid The GUID of the registration.
sessionId The database ID used to identify the session.
sessionTitle The title of the session.
sessionGuid The GUID of the session.
sessionStartDate The start date of the session.
sessionEndDate The end date of the session.
status The progress status (completed, incomplete or not started) of the content referenced by the tracking row.
timeSpent The total time the learner spent on the content.
trainingId The database ID used to identify the training course.
trainingTitle The title of the training course.
trainingPathCode The reference number of the training course.
trainingGuid The GUID of the training course.
trainingPublisher The publisher of the training course.
trainingChapters The chapter hierarchy of the training course.
trainingDuration The duration of the training course.
pointsGained Points gained on the content.

Filters and parameters

Name Description
facilitatorGuids Restrict export to facilitators Guid (multi value, coma separated).
locationIds Restrict export to locations ID (multi value, coma separated).
roomGuids Restrict export to room Guid (multi value, coma separated).
attendanceStatus Restrict export to learner’s attendance status.
eventStarted Restrict to event status (yes or no).
activityNames Restrict export to activityName(s) (multi value, coma separated).


					<activityID />
					<activityDuration />
					<activityPoints />
					<eventID />
					<eventStartDate />
					<eventEndDate />
					<eventStartTime />
					<eventEndTime />
					<eventTimeZone />
					<eventAllDay />
					<eventFacilitator />
					<eventLocation />
					<eventLocationID />
					<eventVirtualMeetingURL />
					<status />
					<timeSpent />
					<pointsGained />
					<candidateName />
					<candidateFirstname />
					<candidateLogin />
					<candidateEmail />
					<candidateRefNumber />
					<candidateGuid />
					<candidateCustomFieldGuid />
					<registrationDate />
					<registrationGuid />
					<sessionId />
					<sessionTitle />
					<sessionGuid />
					<sessionStartDate  />
					<sessionEndDate />
					<trainingId />
					<trainingTitle />
					<trainingPathCode />
					<trainingGuid />
					<catalogVisibilit  />
					<trainingStatus />
					<trainingModality />
					<trainingPublisher />
					<trainingChapters />
					<trainingDuration />