This provider exports data related to learners in classroom events.

Available columns

Name Type Description
candidateEmail string The learner's e-mail address.
candidateEntityAncestors string The learner's entity ancestors.
candidateEntityId int The ID used in the database to reference the learner's entity.
candidateFirstname string The learner's first name.
candidateGuid string(40) The learner's GUID.
candidateId int The database ID used to identify the learner.
candidateLogin string The learner's login.
candidateName string The learner's name (family name/surname).
candidateRefNumber string The learner's reference number.
eventAllDay enum(true, false) 'true' if the event lasts the whole day, false otherwise.
eventClassRoomCapacity int The room capacity of the event.
eventClassRoomDescription longtext The room description of the event.
eventClassRoomTitle string The room title of the event.
eventClassRoomType enum(Standard, Virtual) The room type of the event.
eventDescription longtext The description of the event.
eventDuration int The duration of the event.
eventEndDate date The end date of the event.
eventStartDate date The start date of the event.
eventStatus enum(C, P, CA) The validation status of the event. Values can be C, P, CA, respectively for Confirmed, Pending, CAncelled.
eventTeacher string The teacher of the event.
eventTitle string The title of the event.
eventVirtualRoomLink url Link to the virtual room of the event.

Filters and parameters

Name Type Description
dateFormat string Format for dates in the exported data. When not specified, the default date format is `YYYY-MM-DD`.
dateTimeFormat string Format for dates in the exported data. When not specified, the default value is `YYYY-MM-DD hh:ii:ss`.
entityIds string A comma-separated list of the entity ids to filter on. If multiple entity IDs are provided, then the export will return data about learners who belong to at least one of those entities.
eventClassRoomTypeFilter enum(Standard, Virtual) Export with filter Virtual or Standard.
eventDurationAllDayFilter yesNoElement Export all day between a start day and a end day.
eventStatusFilter enum(C, P, CA) Export only events with a chosen status (C - Confirmed, P - Pending, CA - Cancelled)
maxLength int If not empty, this option will crop each value to the specified max length (each cell, not each line).
stripHTML string If not empty, this option will remove any HTML tag from the exported data.
templates templates The definition of a dynamic template, to allow to customize the returned value for a column. It also allows to combine the values of several columns into one.