Available columns

Name Description
trainingId The database ID used to identify the training course.
trainingPathCode The reference number of the training course.
trainingTitle The title of the training course.
trainingDescription The description of the training course.
trainingDuration The duration of the training course.
trainingLocale The main locale of the training course.
catalogVisibility “Y” if the training course associated with the current context is visible in the public catalogue, “N” otherwise.
trainingStatus The status (published, archived or under construction) of the training course. The values displayed in this column can be configured via the trainingStatusFormat parameter.
eventTitle The title of the event.
eventDescription The description of the event.
eventStartDate The start date of the event.
eventEndDate The end date of the event.
eventDuration The duration of the event.
eventAllDay Every days for this event.
eventVirtualRoomLink Link to the virtual room of the event.
eventTeacher The teacher of the event.
eventStatus The status of the event.
eventClassRoomTitle The room title of the event.
eventClassRoomDescription The room description of the event.
eventClassRoomCapacity The room capacity of the event.
eventClassRoomEquipments The room equipments of the event.
eventClassRoomType The room type of the event.

Filters and parameters

Name Description
eventClassRoomTypeFilter Export with filter Virtual or Standard.
eventStatusFilter Export with a status filter C - Confirmed, P - Pending, CA - Cancelled
trainingStatus Only export training courses that have the specified statuses. This parameter contains a comma-separated list of training statuses (see the default values in trainingStatus).
catalogVisibility Only export training courses that have the specified catalog visibility.
trainingIds Only export data related to the training courses that have an ID included in the comma-separated list specified in this parameter.