Available columns

Name Description
sessionId The database ID used to identify the session.
sessionGuid The GUID of the session.
sessionTitle The title of the session.
sessionStartDate The start date of the session.
sessionEndDate The end date of the session.
eventTitle The title of the event.
eventDescription The description of the event.
eventStartDate The start date of the event.
eventEndDate The end date of the event.
eventDuration The duration of the event.
eventAllDay Every days for this event.
eventVirtualRoomLink Link to the virtual room of the event.
eventTeacher The teacher of the event.
eventStatus The status of the event.
eventClassRoomTitle The room title of the event.
eventClassRoomDescription The room description of the event.
eventClassRoomCapacity The room capacity of the event.
eventClassRoomEquipments The room equipments of the event.
eventClassRoomType The room type of the event.

Filters and parameters

Name Description
exportAllSessions Whether to include failed connections.
eventClassRoomTypeFilter Export with filter Virtual or Standard.
eventStatusFilter Export with a status filter C - Confirmed, P - Pending, CA - Cancelled