This provider exports data about the learning objects included in a given set of training courses.

Available columns

Name Type Description
trainingContentAuthor string The author of the learning resource.
trainingContentCatalog string The catalog to which the learning object belongs.
trainingContentCode string The reference number of the learning resource.
trainingContentFolder string The name of the folder in which the learning object is placed (inside the training course).
trainingContentGuid string(40) The GUID of the learning object.
trainingContentId int The ID of the learning resource.
trainingContentMandatory enum(Y, N) The flag (Y or N) indicating if the learning object is mandatory in the context of the training course.
trainingContentOrder float The sort order of the learning object in the training course.
trainingContentRuntime string(50) The runtime of the learning object (SCORM content, CrossKnowledge learning product,...).
trainingContentSubtype string(50) The subtype of the learning object (Business review, custom, session,...).
trainingContentTitle string The title of the learning resource.
trainingContentType string(50) The type of the learning object (Reading document, interactive document,...).

Filters and parameters

Name Type Description
maxLength int If not empty, this option will crop each value to the specified max length (each cell, not each line).
stripHTML string If not empty, this option will remove any HTML tag from the exported data.
templates templates The definition of a dynamic template, to allow to customize the returned value for a column. It also allows to combine the values of several columns into one.
trainingIds string Only export data related to the training courses that have an ID included in the comma-separated list specified in this parameter.