This provider exports data about the learning objects included in a given set of training courses.

Available columns

Name Description
trainingId The database ID used to identify the training course.
trainingGuid The GUID of the training course.
trainingPathCode The reference number of the training course.
trainingStatus The status (published, archived or under construction) of the training course. The values displayed in this column can be configured via the trainingStatusFormat parameter.
modality The modality of the associated training course.
trainingTitle The title of the training course.
trainingDescription The description of the training course.
trainingDigestSettings The digest settings of the training course.
trainingDuration The duration of the training course.
trainingFolderDescription The descriptions of the folders in the training course, separated by commas.
trainingFurtherInformation Further information on the training course.
trainingGoals The goals of the training course.
trainingLearningPath The overview of the training course.
trainingLocale The main locale of the training course.
trainingPrice The price of the training course.
trainingWelcomeText The welcome text of the training course.
trainingAudience The target audience of the training course.
trainingBenefits The benefits of the training course.
trainingBOLink The URL to the record page of the training course.
trainingChapters The chapter hierarchy of the training course.
catalogVisibility “Y” if the training course associated with the current context is visible in the public catalogue, “N” otherwise.
trainingContentGuid The GUID of the learning object.
trainingContentCode The reference number of the learning object.
trainingContentTitle The title of the learning object.
trainingContentType The type of the learning object (Reading document, interactive document,…).
trainingContentSubtype The subtype of the learning object (Business review, custom, session,…).
trainingContentRuntime The runtime of the learning object (SCORM content, CrossKnowledge learning product,…).
trainingContentAuthor The author of the learning object.
trainingContentMandatory The flag (Y or N) indicating if the learning object is mandatory in the context of the training course.
trainingContentCatalog The catalog to which the learning object belongs.
trainingContentFolder The name of the folder in which the learning object is placed (inside the training course).
trainingContentOrder The order of the learning object in the training course.
constantValue Return the constant value specified in this column’s child elements.

Filters and parameters

Name Description
trainingIds Only export data related to the training courses that have an ID included in the comma-separated list specified in this parameter.