Create or update a training course with respect to the data row from the import file.

Available columns

Option Description Type Mandatory Default value
lovCodes See columnsMapping_lovCodes. actionColumn No  
trainingAction See columnsMapping_trainingAction. actionColumn Yes  
trainingAudience See columnsMapping_trainingAudience. actionColumn No  
trainingCost See columnsMapping_trainingCost. actionColumn No  
trainingDescription See columnsMapping_trainingDescription. actionColumn No  
trainingDuration See columnsMapping_trainingDuration. actionColumn No  
trainingFurtherInformation See columnsMapping_trainingFurtherInformation. actionColumn No  
trainingLocale See columnsMapping_trainingLocale. actionColumn No  
trainingModality See columnsMapping_trainingModality. actionColumn No  
trainingOutcomes See columnsMapping_trainingOutcomes. actionColumn No  
trainingOverview See columnsMapping_trainingOverview. actionColumn No  
trainingPathCode See columnsMapping_trainingPathCode. actionColumn Yes  
trainingScoreSuccessThreshold See columnsMapping_trainingScoreSuccessThreshold. actionColumn No  
trainingScoresVisibleByLearners See columnsMapping_trainingScoresVisibleByLearners. actionColumn No  
trainingTitle See columnsMapping_trainingTitle. actionColumn No  
trainingWhatYouWillLearn See columnsMapping_trainingWhatYouWillLearn. actionColumn No  
trainingWelcomeText See columnsMapping_trainingWelcomeText. actionColumn No  
trainingSteps See columnsMapping_trainingSteps. actionColumn No  

Filters and parameters

Option Description Type Mandatory Default value
fullAccess This option is used to specify whether the current import process can modify information. out of its scope. If it is set to no, then it will only be able to modify the sessions, learners and registrations that were previously created by itself. yesNoElement No  
lovCodes This option references the LO’s refNumber and is used to specify wich LOs are included in the training course. It’s possible to separate LOs by step with double pipe “||” and into the step with comma “,” (eg : “REF1,REF2||REF3||REF4”). xs:string No  
trainingModality This option is used to specify the modality of the created or updated training. Allowed values are: distancelearning,knowledgecommunity,learning_channel and blended. xs:string No  
trainingSteps This option is used to describe steps that will be added or updated. This option is only used for blended and blendedx modalities. This option is mandatory for blended modality, and mandatory for blendedx on course creation, but not for course update. Steps are separated by double pipe “||” and the separator used to separate step title and step duration is “|>”. A step is described by “StepTitle|>StepDuration” where StepTitle cannot be empty and duration is optionnal and it’s a integer which represents step duration in days (eg : “Intro|>1||Basics|>2||Advanced concepts|>4||Conclusion”). xs:string No  

Borderline cases

  • Blendedˣ training update

⋅⋅⋅On Blendedˣ update, if some LOs needs to be added, they are added at the end of the last step of the training. Furthermore, it’s not possible to remove LOs and remove or update Steps.

⋅⋅⋅On Blendedˣ import, we create Content Milestones with some default values : Path menu title : LO title, Duration : LO duration, Max points : LO duration, Title : LO title, Subtitle : empty, CTA : “Epilang(Next)”.



Error Messages

Message Explanation
Field [...] is empty. A mandatory field was not filled.
lovCodes error: LOV ref number [...] is more than one LO or doesn't exist. A row from the import file has provided an LOV reference number that references several LOVs, therefore, the application is not able to choose which one to include in the training course.
The modality must be distancelearning, knowledgecommunity, learning_channel or blended, [...] detected." A row from the import file has provided a trainingModality value that is not allowed.
You can't change the training's modality. A rwo from the import tries to modify the modality of an existing training. This action is not allowed.
The field "trainingSteps" can't be empty when importing a blended training. A row from the import sets up a blended training but an empty value was found in the trainingSteps field.
Step title error at step #[...] : The result of the title's sanitization is empty. The title of the step #[…] is empty. A title must be defined for each step.