Available columns

Name Description
candidateId The database ID used to identify the learner.
candidateGuid The learner’s GUID.
candidateName The learner’s name (family name/surname).
candidateFirstname The learner’s first name.
candidateRefNumber The learner’s reference number.
candidateLogin The learner’s login.
candidateEmail The learner’s e-mail address.
candidateEntityName The learner’s entity name.
candidateCustomFieldGuid GUID for one of the learner’s possible custom fields.
badgeCode unique ID/code for a badge.
badge Localized label of the badge.
badgeCategory Localized badge category.
badgeDateTime Date time the badge was acquired.
locale Local of the label.
constantValue Return the constant value specified in this column’s child elements.

Filters and parameters

Name Description
dateTimeFormat Format for dates in the exported data. The default datetime format is YYYY-MM-DD hh:ii:ss.
entityIds A comma-separated list of the entity ids to filter on. If multiple entity IDs are provided, then the export will return data about learners who belong to at least one of those entities.
preferredLocales The comma-separated list of preferred locales.
badgeCategory Restrict on certain badge ‘colors’. Can be gold, silver or bronze. One value is allowed, case must be respected because of XML validator
deltaMode Only export new tracking data (with respect to the last export). In order for this parameter to work, the previous exports must have had a guid attribute (<export guid='foo'>). This feature cannot be used alongside timeFramesScale.


            <dateTimeFormat>YYYY-MM-DD hh:ii:ss</dateTimeFormat>