Workstation requirements

CrossKnowledge LMS is a web-based application needing the following environment to run properly:

Sound card Activated (headphones are required for most content)
RAM 2 GB (4GB preferred, depending on the OS)
Screen resolution 1024*768
Windows operating system Windows 7, 8, 10 (Desktop mode only, Tablet mode is not supported for now)
Apple operating system Mac OSX (10.4)
Internet Explorer 11, latest version
Microsoft Edge latest version
Firefox latest version
Chrome latest version
Safari latest version
Opera latest version
Email clients Standard email readers are supported to deliver CK standard emails. Email content is HTML.
HTTPS SSL Protocols :
- Protocol-TLSv1.1 until September 2019 (will then be sunset)
- Protocol-TLSv1.2
SSL Ciphers:
- AES128-GCM-SHA256
- AES128-SHA256
- AES128-SHA
- AES256-GCM-SHA384
- AES256-SHA256
- AES256-SHA
Popup blocker for your URL Disabled

We systematically test the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers to ensure the best experience for our users. Older versions of these browsers are not systematically tested, but run smoothly in most cases. If, however, there is a problem specific to a particular version of one of these browsers, please contact us.

These technical requirements may be modified according to technical developments of CrossKnowledge solutions. In addition to those, specific requirements apply to:

  • Facilitator in Front-office interface: workstation prerequisites above are applicable, except Internet Explorer which requires IE11 or above
  • Blendedˣ Embedded Web Resource Activity and Embedded BI tool in Analyze workspace: these features are used to integrate a 3rd party content from the web. CrossKnowledge can not guaranty the compatibility of the integrated content

In order to ensure a good user experience for Blendedˣ Embedded Content Activity, please ensure that SCORM contents are built to be responsive. For example, no Flash should be included in the SCORM content.

Tablet compatibility

CrossKnowledge LMS is compatible with iPad (2, 3, 4 and mini) - additional requirements may be needed for the content hosted on the LMS.

CrossKnowledge LMS is compatible with Android tablets (Chrome browser) - additional requirements may be needed for the content hosted on the LMS.

Please note that SCORM connectors are not optimized for mobile usage

CrossKnowledge content additional requirements

As the contents are played on our LMS, you need the LMS requirements listed above, and the following ones:

Adobe Flash Player (CrossKnowledge Sessions) 9.0.124 or higher
PDF plugin Adobe Acrobat Reader (any version)

Network Information

Media extensions

The following media extensions should be authorised.
.FLV, .mp3, .mp4, .srt, .woff, .vtt, .xhtml

Domain white-listing

The following domain names should be whitelisted.

https://*, https://*

If wildcards (*) are not allowed, authorise at least the following URLs:

General CKLS cloudfront URLs:

External medias (cloudfront URL)

CK-Player URLs (for CrossKnowledge content delivery)

For users based in Europe** and http(s)://
For users based in the US:* and http(s)://* and http(s)://
For users based in Asia:

CKLM (XKA, Digital Literacy, Leaders…)****


AWS CloudFront IP Ranges

Part of the content is hosted on Amazon Cloud for a better experience around the globe.

CLoudFront IPs could be from any of the IP ranges listed in Where  "service" = "CLOUDFRONT"

CKLS portal IP addresses

Europe CKLS created since September 2017 https://*

web interfaces (ports 80 and 443) : Could be hitting any of the eu-central-1 IP ranges listed in Where  "service" = "EC2"
sftp server : (

Europe CKLS created before September 2017 or

web interfaces (ports 80 and 443) Could be hitting any IPs within the ranges and
sftp server : (
sftp server : (

USA https://*

web interfaces (ports 80 and 443) : Could be hitting any of the us-east-1 IP ranges listed in Where  "service" = "EC2"
sftp server : (

South America: https://*

web interfaces (ports 80 and 443) : Could be hitting any of the sa-east-1 IP ranges listed in Where  "service" = "EC2"
sftp server : (

Asia: https://*

web interfaces (ports 80 and 443) : Could be hitting any of the ap-northeast-1 IP ranges listed in Where  "service" = "EC2"
sftp server : (

IPs addresses and URLs for CK-Hub

web interfaces (ports 80 and 443) : Could be hitting any of the eu-west-1 IP ranges listed in Where  "service" = "EC2".
(also for UAT)

Email servers requirements domain must be whitelisted as a trused sender.

Supported email configuration scenario :

All emails are sent by Amazon SES service from domain CKLS sends emails using a FROM address that belongs to domain only. (default and preferred solution)

The client's email address is kept in the REPLYTO field
E.g : user sends an email to someone, the received email will have the following attributes
All emails are sent by Amazon SES service using a FROM adresse that belongs to the client's domain (or domain)

This setup requires some extra IT configuration tasks for both CrossKnowledge and client's IT Teams : DKIM entries to be added in client's DNS zone :
E.g mail can be sent from or any other addresses.
In case an email having a FROM attribute not belonging to either or domain, the FROM attribute is automatically replaced by or any other generic address chosen by the client during the setup phase.

All emails are sent directly by the client's SMTP relay

CKLS application is then authorised to directly pass emails flow to a remote client's relay.
CrossKnowledge will not provide any IP ranges (autoscalling CKLS servers may have various IPs changing regularly) however SMTP session can be secured by a TLS login and password (to be provided by Client's Email team).

Maximum message size (including attachments) is limited to 10 MB per message (after base64 encoding).

Mail servers’ IP addresses and whitelist

At the time of this writing, these are the IP ranges used by AWS SES:

However these ranges may change, so to get an up to date list, please run the following command: From a Linux or Mac OS system:

$ dig TXT +short| grep 'v=spf1'

From a Windows system

C:>nslookup -type=TXT | find "v=spf1"

Emails can also be sent from this spare IP :

and for CKLS instances created before September 2017 and still hosted by Jaguar Network, please add also:

Hostnames of SMTP relays and custom MAIL FROM domains used for sending

Sharepoint pre-requisites

Sharepoint 2010

from IE7 to IE9, Firefox, Chrome

Sharepoint 2013

from IE8 to IE10, Firefox, Chrome

URL of CKLS platform

Supported formats

  • https://customername.(eu,lms,na,sa), with http://customername.(eu,lms,na,sa) being redirected to HTTPS (default setting).
  • being redirected to HTTPS CrossKnowledge urls, as soon as customer domain has a valid DNS entry pointing to crossknowledge load balancer. e.g : with automatic rediction to

Unsupported formats

  • - Crossknowledge only support HTTPS protocol with its own urls.