As our content delivery solution through Scorm is in SaaS, the first obvious prerequisite is to have an internet connection enabled on the testing workstation. PC / Workstation requirements are listed here

Basic scheme

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Scorm 1.2 connectors

We will deliver our Scorm packages based on the 1.2 standard. Our platform is certified by ADL.

Tracking information

The SCORM packages send back the following data:

  • Time spent
  • Progression within the content (saved in the score.raw field)
  • Status (incomplete/completed type)

The bookmarking (suspend_data) is saved on our side for each trainee as all the other information, so we don’t need to send back this information to the third party LMS through the Scorm API.


We deliver one SCORM package per training path session, per language. This allows us to propagate different localised metadata elements (title, description) to the client LMS. Learners have the possibility of switching from one language to another one in their profile (if navigation enabled) depending on the platform locales. If navigation is not enabled, the learner will not be able to change the language on the training path level but he will be able to change it in the different content depending on the content locales (and license).

Manifest and metadatas

The title and description of the training is in the manifest file. Through the import of the SCORM package, those datas will be filled automatically in client LMS. If the client wants additional metadatas, these can be sent in a separate CSV file.