Create or update an entity with respect to the data row from the import file.

Available columns

Name Type Description Mandatory
hieracrchyEntityName string The name of the entity being imported. It is also used as unique identifier to define if an entity needs to be created or if an existing entity with this name needs to be updated.
If several entities have the same title, the first entity found with that name will be updated.
ignoredColumn Column present in the import file but to be ignored becuse it's not relevant for this import action No

Filters and parameters

Name Type Description Mandatory
defaultEntityId int The ID of the entity under which all the newly created objects will be placed (default = 1). No


Please see below a complete example, with data CSV to import, XML configuration, and resulting entity hierarchy.






Entity 8
 - A
 - - B
 - - C

Error Messages

Message Explanation
Task will fail if the defaultEntityId is not a valid entity ID.