Workstation requirements

The first requirement and mandatory one, is having the possibility to access Amazon Cloud URLs and IPs adresses.

TeamSHIFT is a new CrossKnowledge solution which requires the following environment on the customer side to run properly:

Windows operating system Windows 7, 8, 10 (all W10 versions)
Apple operating system Mac OSX (10.4) and newer
Internet Explorer 11 and later versions
Microsoft Edge Current version and Current-1 version
Firefox Current version and Current-1 version
Chrome Current version and Current-1 version
Safari iOS (10 and up) using Safari
Opera and others browsers Not supported
Email clients Standard email readers are supported to deliver CK standard emails. Email content is HTML.
Sound card Sound card Activated (speakers/headphones are required for most content)
Screen resolution Supporting resolutions bigger than 320x568px (iPhone 5 in portrait mode)
HTTPS Only "Medium and High" ciphers are allowed (HIGH:MEDIUM:!ADH). TLSv1.1 protocol is supported until September 2019. TLSv1.2 protocol is recommended.
Popup blocker for the solution Has to be disabled
Adobe Flash Player Not required
PDF Reader Adobe Reader, SUMO PDF, Firefox, Edge or Chrome browsers

We systematically test the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers to ensure the best experience for our users. Older versions of these browsers are not systematically tested, but run smoothly in most cases according the prerequisites defined previously.

Mobile device compatibility

iOS (10 and up) using SAFARI browser ANDROID (4.4 and up) using CHROME browser Other mobile devices are not supported

Network Information

Domain white-listing

The following domain names should be whitelisted.

http(s)://*, http(s)://*

If wildcards (*) are not allowed, authorise at least the following URLs:

General CKLS & Team Shift cloudfront URLs:** - this is the CKLS instance**

External medias (cloudfront URL)

CK-Player URLs (for CrossKnowledge content delivery)

For all users

AWS CloudFront IP Ranges

Part of our content is hosted on Amazon Cloud for a better experience around the globe.

CKLS & Team Shift portal IPs addresses

CKLS urls format

Europe USA South Amarica Asia

Email servers requirements

Mail servers’ IP addresses and whitelist

TeamShift relies on Amazon SES service for sending emails. At the time of this writing, these are the IP ranges used by AWS SES:
Emails can also be sent from this spare IP : should be whitelisted

However these range may change so in order to get an up to date list, please run the following command From a Linux or Mac OS system:

$ dig TXT +short| grep 'v=spf1'

From a Windows system

C:>nslookup -type=TXT | find "v=spf1"

Hostnames of SMTP relays and custom “MAIL FROM” domains used for sending